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"Cromatismi", Vogue Italia, January 1989Photographer: Albert WatsonModel: Kara Young
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"Cromatismi", Vogue Italia, January 1989
Photographer: Albert Watson
Model: Kara Young

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Photos tagged with Music and Memories by Arthur Marques

For more stylish collages and illustrations, follow @arthurmarq on Instagram.

Rather than naming a location for his artwork on Instagram, Arthur Marques (@arthurmarq), will often add a song. “It’s to keep some memories more fresh in my mind,” he says. “A photo of the map of São Paulo tagged with ‘Megalomania’ from a Brazilian singer Tulipa Ruiz makes me remember every single detail about every moment of that day. It’s a way to live twice every time I see that image or hear that music.”

He shares photographs and fashion illustrations (such as a drawing of Lily Donaldson at the 2006 Spring/Summer Balenciaga show) alongside collage work which he says is a way of inviting his audience to look again. “I always start falling in love,” he says. “Then, I try to find an image that represents how I’m feeling at that moment.”

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Finding Beauty in Everyday Origami with @white_onrice

For more images of Ross Symons’ origami creations, follow @white_onrice on Instagram.

"I started with the crane and I lost count of how many times I folded it,” says Cape Town Instagrammer Ross Symons (@white_onrice), describing his obsession with origami art.

“What I didn’t realize at the time is how origami was going to become such a massive part of my life,” he says. “At the beginning of 2014 I decided that I would post one different origami figure every day for the whole year. I did this for myself to prove that I could do it.”

He considers fold time to be the most important measurement of success for his work: the more discipline and patience he has, the faster he folds the figure.

“‘It’s just paper, it shouldn’t take long to make’ is a response I’ve heard before,” Ross says. “I feel there is a misconception that because origami uses paper to create something, that means it’s easy to do.”

On Instagram, Ross connects with a global community that shares his fascination with folding paper. “The people I chat to on Instagram are from all over the world,” he explains. “There is something really rewarding about folding a model and getting it right, no matter how complex or simple. I love—and when I say love I mean I’m totally obsessed with—folding paper.”

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Capturing Nairobi’s Essence through Portraits, with @lafrohemien

To see more of Sarah’s portraits, follow @lafrohemien on Instagram.

“I tend to put my subjects against a backdrop that will not only tell a story about them, but also about the city,” explains Kenya Instagrammer Sarah Waiswa (@lafrohemien). “Nairobi is a diverse landscape and it is important for me to show that in my photos.”

Originally drawn to Instagram as a way to see the world through the lens of others, Sarah now shares her own photographs that reveal her city’s unique juxtapositions. She says, “Nairobi is one of the few places in the world where you can capture wildlife with the city skyline as an unexpected backdrop.”

For Sarah, sharing her city through photos of its inhabitants opens up new avenues for storytelling. She hopes her portraits reflect the nature of Nairobi: “It is alluring and mysterious at the same time.”


"Zany Stuff", ELLE US, December 1990Photographer: TyenModel: Naomi Campbell
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"Zany Stuff", ELLE US, December 1990
Photographer: Tyen
Model: Naomi Campbell

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Issey Miyake 1989
Models: Marpessa Hennink, Ariane Koizumi, Anna Getaneh and others


Christian Dior 1980Photographer: Chris von WangenheimModels: Tara Shannon and Yasmine Sokal
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Christian Dior 1980
Photographer: Chris von Wangenheim
Models: Tara Shannon and Yasmine Sokal


Vogue Italia, April 1992Photographer: Walter ChinModel: Yasmeen Ghauri
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Vogue Italia, April 1992
Photographer: Walter Chin
Model: Yasmeen Ghauri


"Perline Colorate", Vogue Italia, June 1989Photographer: Steven MeiselModel: Naomi Campbell
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"Perline Colorate", Vogue Italia, June 1989
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Model: Naomi Campbell